How will you use your new Dorado Elite Sunroom ?

Benefits of a Sunroom Addition


The great thing about a Sunroom is that it can be what ever you want it to be. So if you desire a workout room or just a great place to enjoy with the family. It can be all of that and more.

A Sunroom Addition will add living space and fill your home with natural light. 

Sunrooms put you in touch with nature. While in your new sunroom you will be able to enjoy all the beauty of the great outdoors while in complete comfort. If its hot, cold or raining outside it will make no difference as you will be in a climate controlled area free from the elements. 

Sunrooms also keep mosquitos and other pests outside where they belong. So you can enjoy yourself without disturbance.

Our elite Sunroom comes with windows too so when the weather is perfect you can turn off the Air Condition and enjoy a cool breeze provided by mother nature herself.

Building a Sunroom in most cases is less expensive than traditional construction costs, and a lot less intrusive. The process is simple and completion times take days not weeks.

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